Weighing Packing Machine ZB-WH10

Model: ZB-WH10
Capacity: 10-40bags/min
Counting quantity: Can be adjusted
Bag size: Width: Maximum 250mm, Length:50-400mm 
Sealing type: back side seal
Voltage: 220V/50-60HZ
Total power: 3.5KW
Packaging material : Plastic film
Dimension: 4050**105

         ● Fasteners: screw, bolt, nut, washer, rivets, nails etc.
         ● Plastic/Rubber Parts: wall anchor, rubber o-rings, toys, lego building bricks,small plastic parts.
         ● Hardware Parts: hardware components, hardware connectors, metal parts etc.
         ● Furniture Accessories: furniture connectors, furniture fasteners, furniture fittings, furniture accessories, door handle, hinge etc.
         ● Others: small hardware or plastic parts, regular shape or irregular shape of parts.